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What has helped you read the bible more fruitfully? Comment below! The theme of my posts this week has been reading the bible, and so here is another little resource that can help us do so effectively. By "effectively" I mean to do it in a way that is most conducive to our inner transformation because well… isn't that the point? I found a blog post on Life Teen, and, admittedly, it was the first one, BUT what really caught my eye was that it by Life Teen, so I hoped it'd be easier to comprehend 'cause sometimes that adult stuff goes way over my head. Anyways, the post lays out ten different suggestions for us, grouped into three categories (1). They include things that pertain to both the physical elements and spiritual elements of reading the bible, in a structure that is easy to follow. One of the things they suggest, for instance, is that we chose a specific time to engage in reading the bible, particularly a time during which we are most awake. They also remind us that the bible "is not a novel" and so it would benefit us to start with specific sections, such as the Gospel of Mark because it is "the shortest and easiest to understand". Another suggestion is that we really pray for the Holy Spirit's guidance during our reading. One of the suggestions that I found exceptionally important is to take our time. Rather than mindlessly reading just to fill up a 15 minutes slot of bible time, stop after periods and just take things in. In essence, we are aiming for quality and not quantity. This stood out to me because I've approached countless books, including the bible in such a manner, and I recall feeling very irritated as I was reading. It got in the way of me being present with the content and digesting it. Unsurprisingly then, I loved this reminder to slow down and allow ourselves to just rest in His Word. Consider reading through this Life Teen article. I believe it will help you revamp your bible reading habits, or create ones that you've always wanted to create but felt discouraged about. If this whole idea is overwhelming to you, just take one of the tips and apply it. After a little while, apply another one, and keep going! It doesn't have to be scary and it's definitely not a race. If you'd like a little more, Fr. Robert Barron (2) encourages us to enter the bible through a theological lens that encompasses not only the human authors but also the Divine Author that makes the bible "coherent"; whole; unified. Anyways girl, invest time in the one relationship that will give you everything you need. When we are living in Him, we have no need to cling to anything or anyone. We are free. With love,


(1) https://lifeteen.com/blog/how-to-start-reading-the-bible/ (2) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ha5flTRTZWY See Less

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