Help yourself create a life that is joy-filled and peaceful, one small step at a time.

I'm writing this as much for you, as I am for me because the struggle is real! We may have been implicitly or explicitly given the message that we are responsible for meeting other people's needs, at the cost of ignoring our own. This line of thinking leaves us believing that it is only by chance that our needs are met, which then makes us wonder if our needs are important at all… You are important, sister, and it's about time that you start treating yourself this way! Everything about you deserves to be tended to, with love and tenderness!

Here are some ways to show yourself that you matter:

- Finally getting to the doctor's

- Having your car checked out for that squeaky noise that you've been ignoring

- Starting to meditate for a few minutes a day

- Taking yourself out for a walk so that you can get fresh air and that Vitamin D

- Confiding to a trustworthy friend

- Journaling what is going on inside of you

- Letting go of certain things on the to-do list, that really do not need to be done, so that you can do something that lifts you up

- Getting paper plates for the next while, acknowledging that your energy is terribly low

- Listening to music that leaves you feeling light

- Allowing yourself to cry

- Napping

The idea of putting our needs under the responsibility of others may sound tempting to some of us, but it is actually deeply disempowering, as it leaves us overly dependent on others, and resentful at them and at ourselves. Let us also remember, that they too need to tend to themselves, just like you and I! Sister, gently redirect your reliance on Christ, the one Who knows your heart better than anyone ever could. You deserve to be cared for, especially by your own self, and this is self-love, not selfish! Constantly neglecting ourselves sends us the message that we are not important! Get on your own team, sister, and love yourself!

Help yourself create a life that is joy-filled and peaceful, one small step at a time.

With love,

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