Healing Takes Time

I spoke with a few friends recently on the topic of healing and how sometimes because of our past we don't feel like we have healed. But what I think that we tend to forget is that healing is a lifelong process. For many years I bottle up my pain, and looked at the scars of my past and was only able to see the hurt from my experience. I saw how broken I was because of my past and how it made me feel like I never would find healing. But God's grace is an amazing thing. It allows us to heal slowly because it requires us to work with Him. When I was trying to do it all by myself, I wasn't able to live a life of freedom from the pain of abuse. Allowing God to enter into that, I know that He has healed areas of my heart. That doesn't mean that I am not a work in progress, because I am. I know that my healing will continue throughout my whole life. But I also know, that when I see the scars of my past, I don't see the pain. I see the healing and strengthen that I have been given, only through the grace of God. I see the freedom He has given me to not be afraid. I see how God has used my past to form me into the woman I am today. Whatever it is that you are trying to heal from, go to God with it. Ask for His help. And one day, I hope that you too may look at your own scars, and see healing. Praying for you. In Christ, Diana

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