He will strengthen you

I was laughing with my friend recently over coffee as we recollected how any time we planned to do something, like go on a retreat or go to confession for example, there would always emerge some kind of turmoil that day! When we connected all those moments it was crazy how consistent it was! The reality of spiritual warfare bring so much light to many situations. If you think about it...it makes sense! The last thing the devil wants is you to get closer to God. When we embrace the Sacraments, he will hit us the hardest in order to turn us away! How many brides can relate to some kind of issue or something falling apart on their wedding day? I have a feeling all of us had at least one moment like that! In the moment it's the last thing you want, but when I look back now it actually makes so much sense! The devil hates...and I mean HATES...marriage and the family. OF COURSE he is going to keep on hitting you both, especially on the day when you say those vows to fully enter into that Sacramental bond. That is our reality, the spiritual attacks will not stop and sometimes may get stronger. But what I know and believe with my whole heart and being is that no matter how hard those attacks may be...Our God will always win! When the blows get harder, He will strengthen our armour. If you feel like you are just under constant spiritual attacks today, take rest in the fact that you are doing something GOOD and becoming closer to God! He will always win! Walking Together, Sandra

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