He Pursues You

How often do we just wish that someone would pursue us? How often do we look for that attention in men to fulfill this desire of being pursued?

I was at a retreat a couple weeks ago and the priest was talking about how the Cross is the marriage bed between us and Christ. I have heard this analogy many times in Christopher West talks and by other speakers as well. But what truly got me is that sooften, we walk by Christ on a daily basis and reject His love, and therefore reject the most beautiful selfgiving love that only He can give.

Sometime ago, I was speaking to my friend about what it's like to be married. And she said that there is this bond of love that is unbreakable, but that there are times in marriage where you have to be sacrifical. She said to me, that the union between a husband and wife is so beautiful, but also delicate. If I were to push my husband away for selfish reason, how much that would hurt him.

Within marriage, we are called to be total gifts of self for the other. Love seeks to be definitive; it cannot be an arrangement "until further notice." CCC (155)

When I related both these things, the gift of self in marriage to Christ on the Cross, I thought to myself how many times have I been the one to push away Christ for my own selfish reasons. How much that must have hurt Him?

When I reflect on my own life, I can see the numerous ways that God pursues my heart. I can see the way that He shows me that He truly loves me. But I don't think that I have been truly recipricating that love that He pours out for me.

My dears sisters, our God is the God of Relationships. He desires so much to love you, but in turn to be loved by you as well. He is love, He gives love but He also craves love just as you or I.

Think about your own life. Do you truly give your sacrifical love to God? Do you recipricate that selfgiving love? We will never be able to love as He loves, but today I encourage you to try and show God how much you love Him, even in the simplest of ways.

God has pursued you in the most creative and whimsical ways, even in ways that may not have caught your attention. Nethertheless, He never gave up. That's what love does- It pursues blindly, unflinchingly and without end. When you go after something you love, you'll do anything that it takes, even if it costs everything, even the Cross.

I'm praying for you.

In Christ, Diana

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