He is calling you!

When we think about sharing the Gospel with the world it's probably safe to say that the first people who come to mind are missionaries and priests. They are the ones we see most commonly preaching the good news either in their own parishes, or in different countries.

However, those are not the only people who have been called to share God's love to others. This obligation...is for ALL OF US! This is what the mission given to us through our Baptism. We were not Baptized to keep everything for ourselves. The deeper call and purpose of our Baptism is to become cleansed and filled with God's love so that we can now go and proclaim it to the world.

I feel the reason why many of us shy away from this mission is because we think there is only one way of doing this. We feel we need to become like the Apostles and stand on the streets or travel from door to door. Remember, God does not give us a "one-size-fits-all" mission.

Go back to how He created you. I've mentioned this in a previous reflection where I described how deeply unique we all are. So unique that there never was anyone exactly identical to us in the past, and there never will be in the future. YOU are the only YOU that exists in the history of the world, with your set of gifts and talents. If God made us each uniquely different, that means that He wants us to use our differences in the way we have been called to. Our mission to share God's love is the same...but how we fulfill that mission will be different.

I always laugh when I read the Gospel readings on the Resurrection. Did you notice who Jesus appeared to first? Women! Did you notice what He tells them to do? Go and tell His disciples that He is alive! I relate to this so much, which is why it makes me laugh, because when I am excited about something I literally will not stop talking! I want to tell all my dearest friends and share this joy with them. That is exactly what these women in the Gospel did!

This is not to say that every woman has this same temperament, but what I mean to say with this example is that God called these women to share this incredible news in a way they knew best! The same is with all of us today.

Our call to share God's love, to share in the Good News that He is ALIVE is not a option...it is our Baptismal mission! How we are to share this news, will be different. Some of us are great with our words, and some of us speak louder through different acts of service of how we live our lives.

Ask God to reveal to you how He is calling you to share His love with the world today!

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