He is before all things

I'll be honest, it feels like each week has been getting longer and longer. My days have become so blurred together that I forget when it's Tuesday and when it's already Friday. There are times when I feel like everything around me is just falling apart and I am hanging on this thread trying to keep it all together. Trying to keep positive, trying to trust and be strong in my faith.

As I was reflecting on what to write to day the Holy Spirit simply brought one word into my mind: Laminin.

Laminin is something I found out about years ago and to this day is has served as that amazing reminder that God LITERALLY holds everything together. He has stamped this into our very bodies, our biology, to serve as a reminder that He is the one who holds us together when forces around us are trying to break things apart.

In a short and simple definition, Laminin is an adhesion protein molecule in the body. Basically, it serves a very important function in our bodies (most of our cells and organs) by working as an adhesive and to help with cell migration/movement as they change and differentiate. It holds the body together...in a sense.

Now here comes the crazy part. Can you guess what is the shape of this protein molecule? A CROSS!

The very sign of Christ crucified is LITERALLY what serves to hold our cells together and get them to work properly. It is physically seen in our bodies! (Honestly...google "Laminin" and check it out!)

But it gets even better! If we to Colossians 1:17 and it says, "He is before all things, and in him all things hold together."

God will stop at nothing to remind us that in moments when we feel exhausted from trying to hold everything together, that we need to take a moment to stop. He is before everything and He is the one who holds everything together. There is no power in this world strong enough to break that.

Trust in that today my dear ladies and pray with this passage if you are feeling worn out and torn apart.

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