He calls us to have a deeper relationship with Him.

Recently, I started the podcast: "The Bible in a Year" with Fr. Mike Schmitz (highly recommend the podcast if you have not had a listen to it). Fr. Mike reads a chapter or two and then does a short bible study on the part that we just listened to.

While listening to the first few Chapters of Genesis, I thought about how it's such an incredible story of God's love for man. I'm sure we have all heard the story hundreds of times before. What brings awe to me is God's love flowing through creation for us. He loved man so much that He gave Him everything, all the plants and animals were under man's care. All of creation, was created for us to fulfill our desire for beauty and love. Then the Lord saw that Adam still needed to someone to experience the love that God wanted Him to have. In creating Eve, He made her from Adam's side not to be bellow him or above him, but to walk beside him in this world.

If we look at the story of the fall, we see our own brokenness, and it might seem like God was very harsh to us by casting us out of the garden. He told us that we have to return to the earth in our death. But this was actually a loving gift from God for us, so that we can be rid of our bodies that hold onto sin, that hold onto shame, guilt and pains of this earth. The Lord closed the garden to us because we wouldn't be able to fully experience Eden because of sin. Once we have experienced the resurrection, we can look forward to Heaven to experience the life that God had designed for us to truly be able to live.

I think often times, we can read the bible and not have a true understanding about what is happening while we are reading it. Which is why I highly recommend Fr. Mike's Podcast. It can be found on many different streaming platforms.

Take some time today to reflect on God's love. It is always here for us. From the beginning of creation till now, it has never left us. He calls us to have a deeper relationship with Him.

Praying for you.

In Christ,

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