Have to keep going!

My dear ladies,

This week we've all been learning about the vice of sloth and the virtue of perseverance and the many ways in which it can impact our lives. Kasia shared how sloth has impacted her prayer life and Diana shared how sloth and gluttony are closely tied in hers.

Both women shared what they are doing to combat the vice of sloth and how they are striving to live in the virtue of perseverance so that they can be closer to Christ. Sandra reminded us that this is the whole point of perseverance: striving for “that which brings us closer to God”.

Kasia share a quote by St John Vianney and here is what spoke to me most: “How many moments are lost in doing nothing, or in doing nothing, or in doing wrong, in listening to the suggestions of the devil, in obeying him! Does not that make us tremble?”

That quote summarizes me to the T.

There have been countless days in the past month in which I haven't pray because I’m too tired, too busy, too anxious, too (fill in the blank). Yet there hasn’t been a single day in the past month that I am not texting my friends or on facebook. It just don’t make sense because what my heart really wants is not wasted time on social media, but a deeper relationship with Christ.

It’s easy to pray when I’m in the mood to do, or when time is in my favor. But I cannot wait until I am awake enough, until my schedule is free enough, until (fill in the blank) happens for my faith to be my number one.

Perseverance then is about doing the right thing when I don’t feel like it. When I don’t have time to pray, something’s gotta go. When I am too overwhelmed to pray, something is not right.

Just like Sandra shared on Thursday, “in the moments when we don’t want to pray, is when we need it the most”

A friend of mine reminded me to “keep walking forward, don’t walk backwards”. Life is sometimes really difficult, and I sometimes I fall and lose sight of my purpose. Yet I keep going and I do whatever I can to move forward because I am “searching for Truth”.

The first step is always so hard to make, yet without it I’m stagnant. One day at a time, I make the right steps and all of a sudden I’ve created new, good habits in my life that bring me closer to Christ.

Lord, direct my life, organize my time. Help me do less of what is unnecessary and do more of what is necessary because sometimes I just don’t know the difference. Give me the courage to open up to others and share my struggles with them. Bring into my life those who will help me come closer to you. Under all of my surface desires, the deepest one is to know You. Lord I love you. Give me less of me, and more of You.


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