Have Hope Again

My dear cherished women,

As far as we may run, we will always be disappointed by someone or something. Sometimes by others, sometimes by our own selves. We aren’t guaranteed our dream job, or a happily-ever-after love story, or even that our phones will last more than a year... but we are guaranteed to experience disappointment. Some disappointments are easily forgotten, and some leave their mark. And still others run deep enough to take away all our hope.

In these times of hopelessness we still desire to have hope again, even if we don’t consciously admit it. Having hope may seem silly, because we’ve been really let down in the past. We’re scared to have hope because of potential outcomes. Yet, as Ayobami Abidum says, “life without hope is everything without anything”. Life without hope is like having a home with 10 bedrooms, but being the only one that lives there. There is so much potentially, but it is nearly empty. It is void of what it is meant for.

In hoping we risk, but in hoping we also open up ourselves to receiving love. Without hope, we cannot receive. What is life without love?

In experiencing hopelessness, I reflected on the source of my hope and whether or not that needs to change. Sometimes God seems to be silent, but this time God spoke to me immediately saying that I need to “find hope in His promises rather than in wishes” (Meg Wilson).

Hope becomes possible when I start believing in His promises, in who He says I am, and in what He created me for.

But for that I firstly need to know His word.

Today ladies, join me in spending time with His word. You can search for a relevant bible verse on the internet, pick one that speaks to your current situation and sit with it. Read it, imagine yourself in that verse, and just rest with those words. Allow yourself to hear the Lord as He moves within your heart. Even better, allow a spiritual director to guide you in the process of hearing God’s voice.

He’s made so many promises for us, and it’s time for us to know and believe them. That is where we will find our hope, our meaning, our purpose.


PS – You are so loved.

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