Have difficult conversations

As I look around, or as I am browsing my social media, and I see "hot topic" posts come up I can't help but cringe at the conversations that happen in the comments. If I am to be blunt, most of the time they are not conversations at all, but rather a heated emotional battle.

Recently I really sparked an interest in listening to various speakers (both catholic and secular) having a conversation with someone who completely disagrees with their views on a particular topic. Granted, some do this better than most, but what I always admired about many of these speakers is how they are able to have a fruitful conversation about something they disagree on.

Many times when we are faced with someone who has different opinions from our own, we tend to take it too personally too quickly, or we don't know how to express those differing opinions with grace and love. It's as if disagreeing with a person's opinion means you somehow disagree with the whole person or even stronger....you hate that person.

Where are we placing our identity if we are so quick to feel it is being trampled on the minute someone expresses they disagree with something we believe or feel? We are more than just our thoughts and views.

We are daughters of God! Daughters of a KING! This is first and foremost! There is nothing anyone can say or do that can take that away from us. Find peace in knowing that dear sister!

Disagreements on various topics should not be opportunities for us to tear each other down. They should be opportunities to listen to one another and be able to express our differing views with respect and love. They should never be treated as personal attacks on our whole person, on our identity as a daughter of God.

Disagreeing with someone else's opinion does equal that you hate the person...it simply means you have different opinions or views. And that is ok!

Have conversations, dear sisters! Have difficult conversations, even with people who disagree with you, but do it in a charitable way. We are always called to proclaim the truth, but how we proclaim it and how we listen to others should always be done with great love.

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