Guide My Life

How often do you feel like you have to hold the world together or everything will just fall apart? I'm sure we have all experienced this (some of us even might experience this emotion daily). But the thing that we have to realize is that it is okay to let go and not be in total control of every little thing in our lives.

When we realize that God is so much better at holding things together than we are, it becomes easier to just give Him the control, to trust that He will sustain us.

I have struggled with letting go, and allowing God to guide my life. But the more I tried to hold on, the more I realized how unhappy I was in trying to deal with everything by myself.

When we desire to control things, and times of chaos enter our lives, it's easy to lose joy. But when God is the one in control, you can rest easy knowing that God is the one who has the reigns.

Today,say "God, you be in control going forward. Allow me to feel at peace knowing that you have me and you will never let me go."

Praying for you

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