Guide me in His will

This past Sunday was "Marriage Sunday" in the Archdiocese of Toronto. I remember years back when I would watch my parents and close friends re-new their vows on that day. I would look at all the beautiful married couples and feel overwhelmed with the love that was overflowing between them. I would close my eyes and try to picture the face of my future husband in those moments. It's crazy because there were times when I was convinced that I could feel his presence in my heart, as if God gave me this small glimpse of hope and encouragement to keep praying and trusting. I was talking with a dear friend of mine recently and we were reflecting on prayer and how truly powerful it is. We both laughed when we remembered to moments when we knew someone was not in a good place or in a healthy relationship and we would pray for them, but in all honesty with the hopes that their eyes would be opened to the toxicity they were living in. I laughed because I was that person many years ago. I was stuck in a toxic relationship for many years, but completely blind to it. My friends knew deep down that this man wasn't the one for me, but I was too stubborn to hear any of it. So they would simply pray. They would pray for God to guide me in His will and plan for me. As I look back now...it was their prayers that saved me, and that helped lead me to my now husband. Looking at him on Sunday, and having that moment to renew our wedding vows brought so many emotions to me. Not just because of the love I felt from him and for him...but also from the love I felt thinking about all the prayers that were sent in this intention. And for that I will always be eternally thankful! Never doubt the power of prayer. Even if you feel someone is in a completely lost state....drop to your knees and continue to pray. You never know how much your prayers can change someone's life. They definitely changed mine! Walking Together, Sandra

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