Growing Garden

There was a faithful woman who loved to garden. She had a beautiful lot filled with dozens of kinds of flowers. Every morning and every evening she would water it and make sure that each bloom had what it needed.

All was well until a drought began. Her precious blooms began to shrivel up and die. That evening she cried out to the Lord, "please let it rain! This drought is unbearable!". And the Lord heard her.

A few days later, the woman was sitting in her living room when she heard a gentle 'pitter patter' against her window. Rain! The drought was over. The woman was overjoyed. Gleefully she watched the rainfall through her window.

It rained all day and all night. When it finally stopped, the woman ran outside to her garden.

To her shock, all her flowers were dead. It had been too late — the drought had claimed her precious garden.

Upset with the Lord, the woman cried out, "How could You do this? Didn't you know how much I loved that garden?".

The Lord responded, "My daughter, you asked for it to rain. You have been faithful, so I made the drought end. But you never once mentioned your garden to me."

How many times do we ask for something from the Lord without thanking Him for what we have and what He has blessed us with already?

May we never ask for the drought to pass without praising God in the desert.

In Christ, Kasia

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