Grow in a New Way

When I was younger I hated being bored. For me, it was the worst feeling ever. Naturally, I would search for the next best thing that would keep me excited and entertained. Unfortunately, I didn't always look in the right places.

We all see how boredom can lead us down a bad path sometimes. It can even lead us to the point of an addiction. When we look at it this way, it's hard to see boredom as something good.

I want to challenge this today. As I was reflecting on this time at home I noticed a bit of a change recently. When the crisis started to grow and we were all asked to stay in our homes, I felt it was pretty easy to keep my day simple and have a routine. I was still finishing up school so my studies and household tasks did a very good job of keeping me constantly occupied.

I finished my semester before Easter so I am off for the rest of this month until I start up some more courses in May. The boredom has been SO REAL! With the temperament that I am, I am one that sitting still is not good for me. I need some kind of project to work on or a task to do or else I start just wallowing in this low mood.

Right before Easter I decided to create a new project for myself. I decided to go full force into a new hobby I started. A few months ago I wanted to pick up crocheting again, and I started self-teaching myself how to do simple patterns and such. I really grew to enjoy it and found it very calming but challenging at the same time. It kept me motivated anytime I found a new design I wanted to try, or my husband would give me an idea for something new I could make.

I realized that this time when I don't have school to keep me occupied, this time of boredom, can actually serve me to grow in a new way. This time I can use to unleash my creativity again through these new creations I want to make. Some days I will work on just one item because I've had to constantly unravel it and start again, and others I will find a good flow and make a lot, or brainstorm more ideas of what I want to focus on.

How are you unleashing your creativity in this boredom? Are you trying out new baking recipes? Are you taking up a new hobby? Are you re-organizing things in your house?

I encourage you ladies to comment below and share what are some new ways you have been unleashing your creativity! Share some new tips or things you have tried! We would love to know!

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