Greatest Gardener

Spring is a perfect remind that things come back to life after a really difficult time. It's a rebirth for the world, to wake up from its slumber in the winter.

I wouldn't really say that I have a green thumb, in fact, I have quite the opposite. But there is so much beauty in gardening and trying to nurture plants that you have planted in the soil.

This time of the year, gardeners go out into their yards and pick away at the dead leaves and twigs. They have to toil the soil to allow for the soil to have life again. For new life to grow again, you have to prepare the earth.

Gardening is a wonderful metaphor for our lives. We too have to go into the yards of our hearts and souls, and prepare them for a rebirth of life in them. When we allow weeds to grow and dead leaves to rot in our souls, our hearts don't have room to be able to grow into beautiful gardens.

Let us use this time of spring to work on our gardens. Let us trust in the greatest Gardener, the Lord, who is going to work away at your heart. Let Him plant beautiful trees and flowers, so they may bloom in your life.

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