Great Saints

I was recently listening to an interview that Matt Fradd did with Fr. Mike Schmitz and they were talking about the state of the Church and how should we respond to it. There was something that Fr. Mike said that really struck me in that conversation. When he was asked about the chaos in the Church he brought our attention to one key question. When did the greatest saints in Church history emerge? In times when the Church was in the most chaos! Look at St. Teresa of Avila or St. John of the Cross. These are powerhouses! They grew out of the chaos that the Church faces during the French Revolution and the Enlightenment Period. St. John Paul 2 and St. Maximilian Kolbe emerged during the horror of World War 2. These incredible saints were taken out of the weeds the Church was in, and they flourished into the people God created them to be. We can all look around and it is not hard to see that our Church is in yet another time of chaos. Some may even see it as the biggest chaos we have faced yet. But after listening to Fr. Mike I would like to propose a different viewpoint. I don't see it as the biggest chaos...but rather I see it as the greatest breeding ground for yet another generation of POWERHOUSE SAINTS! Will you let God form you from this chaos and turn you into the incredible saint you have been called it be? The Church needs big saints! Walking Together, Sandra

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