Gosh, you are so wonderfully made!

Are we not most inspired by the stories of people that blossom despite being planted in the worst of conditions? Doesn't this show us what it is that we truly desire? Then why is it that we still settle?!

Even if we have lost track of all things holy and have accepted whatever is most convenient, deep down, we thirst for more because that's our nature. We have been crafted with a desire for a depth of love and a height of joy that cannot be found in immediate gratification and an accumulation of things like money, fancy titles, or knowledge.

We were created for God's love and it is the only thing that will quench our deep longing. Even when we try to settle for something lesser, our hearts won't allow it because they "are restless until they rest in You" (St. Augustine).

God gave us commandments to live by because He knows what will hinder our joy and what will elevate it and yet, we are sometimes convinced that we know better. We question His judgment because His way feels impossible and even cruel and, besides, the world seems to be just fine living differently.

It's okay to feel confused and to wonder; it's normal to feel frustrated; it's human to be uncomfortably aware of our shortcomings. We are but only human. Trust that The Creator of the world knows better than anyone else. Remember that we are not meant to walk this journey alone. Let people you trust in on your struggles, and don't stop asking for the grace to live as God intended you to live.

I know that it ain't easy but thankfully, we were not made for easy… we were made for greatness. You were made for a royal banquet, so don't settle for anything less! Know your worth and live it out, girl!

Gosh, you are so wonderfully made!

With love,

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