God works through our brokenness in ways that we never could have imagined.

It seems this week has been a bible reflection week and I love it!

I have also been following along with the "Bible in a Year" Podcast and after listening to the full story of Abraham I have to admit I had a completely different perspective of him. Knowing that Abraham is called the Father of faith I always seems to have this idealistic perspective of him. A man who always followed God, never really strayed away, didn't make any crazy mistakes. Well...needless to say I was proven otherwise!

As I was listening to his life in the chapters of Genesis I found myself facepalming so many times when I would hear the decisions he made, for example the times he pretended his wife Sarah was his sister, out of fear, and would allow another man to take her as his wife (Genesis 20:1-7).

My first reaction was not a very charitable one. "Really God? You chose this man as the father of our faith?!"

But God in his loving way knows how to bring me back and humble me. How many times have I made stupid decisions out of fear? How many times have I not followed God and instead chosen my own path? And yet how many times has God still taken all of that mess and brokenness and turned it into something beautiful that was able to bless many?

Think about a mosaic. I'm sure many of us have seen them on the walls and ceiling of churches and cathedrals. I was always so mesmerized by them. If I were to take all those tiny pieces in a pile they would just look like broken pieces. No real beauty in them. But when you have the hand of an artist carefully place those pieces together, you get this beautiful masterpiece!

God works through our brokenness in ways that we never could have imagined. He is able to take those broken pieces and as the loving artist that He is place them together to create a masterpiece.

Offer God all those broken pieces today, and watch how He turns them into a beautiful work of art!

Walking Together,

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