God's Voice

Picture a dark place. Maybe it's a cave. You can't see anything and so you stand still. Afraid to move because you can't see the way.

You feel something warm holding your hand, and a familiar voice. It is loving and you feel safe. You recognize it...maybe even as far back as when you were a kid.

It's God.

You feel this encouraging pull to move forward, but you still stand still because you don't know where to go.

Then God brings you a candle and places it in front of you. You see light and you are able to make a step forward.

But you still hesitate because you look around you and you don't know what lies beyond that candle.

Suddenly you hear God's voice in your heart: "I don't want you to make the whole journey right now. All I am asking for is one step, and I will show you the next one that will follow. Trust in me."

Maybe you're like me and you want to run the whole marathon right away. But God tells us to slow down...and just take one step first. Trust the journey and embrace every moment of it.

What is your first step today?

Walking Together, Sandra

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