God's Presence

I read a beautiful reflection on instagram earlier this week and I thought I would share it with you this morning.

"I was watching the sunrise this morning and had a realization. Every time I try and take a photo of it, it never truly expresses the beauty of this God-give gift that arrives every morning. I can try and show people the sunrise, but no matter what camera I have or what lens I use, it never comes out right. So why not just experience it ourselves. I love beach sunrises because it's just the open horizon and you can perfectly see the beautiful masterpiece from God right in front of you. Then I got to thinking.

This is just like our relationship with God. No matter how hard we try to focus on other people's relationship with God and compare them to our own, it doesn't grow our own relationship with him.

Our relationshio with God is something we need to experience our selves. No matter how many homily or retreat you may go to, it won't bring you closer to Him unless you seek God and love him. Just like He is doing to you.

Just like the sunrise, we can always count on it being there every morning. Though clouds and building may obstruct our view, we know it's there. We feel it's presence." -Unknown

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