God's Order

It never fails to amaze me how much scripture reveals to us the way God works in our daily lives.

Are you in a place in your life where you feel like you are stuck in chaos? Where you feel like there is so much going on around you and you can't seem to find that peace or be filled? Some of us probably are, or some of us know the feeling very well.

I want to talk a walk through the creation narrative for a quick moment! Understanding how God created the world actually brings insight to how he works in our lives.

Bring to mind the first creation story, open your bible to Genesis 1 if it helps! One thing I want to not first is in the original Hebrew text, it is written that the earth was "formless and empty" (in Hebrew it's "tohu wabohu"). The order of these words in incredibly significant because look now at the way God creates the world!

First he creates day and night (day 1), the sea and sky (day 2), then he makes dry land and plantation (day 3). After that, he fills the sky with sun, stars and moon (day 4), then he fills the sea with water creatures and sky with birds (day 5), and then he fills the land with animals and creates man (day 6).

What is the pattern here? First God creates order and form form the chaos, and only then does he fill the emptiness!

My dear ladies, God cannot fill the empty if there is no order or form. Think of a house that is built. You first need to create the foundation, bring it to form and only then can you fill it with furniture and everything else it needs.

If you feel like you are in "demolition mode" (as I like to call it) that is God working in your life! Everything needs to be brought out to light and in the open for God to create order from the chaos. Then when everything is set, he can fill that emptiness!

You are not hopeless, you are not completely lost...you are just a masterpiece under construction!

Walking Together, Sandra

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