God's grace!

Happy Monday Ladies! I have been chatting a lot with some of the girls and guys that have taken on the Exodus 90 Challenge and it is always so incredible to hear every person's unique journey! My dear ladies, first and foremost know that we are all lifting you up in our prayers! (and the gentlemen too!!!)

When it comes to new initiatives, there is always the initial high that comes with starting something new. It pushes you and gives you that drive for the first week or so...and then the struggle begins to sink in. Things that seemed small start to feel like they are much bigger, little changes feel like they are becoming such a burden, sometimes even feelings of despair and loneliness sink in.

My dear girls, may this be a reminder to us all! When life is tough...GOD'S GRACE IS TOUGHER! It is in these moments of despair that the devil tries to push if down even more because we are becoming weaker and more irritated.

Keep fighting that battle and tap into God's grace EVEN more in those moments when you feel overwhelmed by the tasks of the day. God will never lead you down a path that you can't handle. He will always give you the strength to persevere, and He will always give you a lesson to learn from it.

This battle isn't meant to be fought by us alone...it is meant to be fought with God's strength as our own!


Blessings, -Sandra

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