God really speaks to us

Recently my husband and I shared our story at a young adult's retreat and there was one moment when he described one of our dates. He took me downtown Toronto and we went for a walk around the area he used to work and showed me all around there. I'll be honest, it was quite crazy and busy with lots of people.

Then he took me down to the waterfront and we just sat by the edge and listened to the water and wind. It was almost like we entered into a whole new place. From something soo busy we just went a few blocks down and it was still and silent.

I remember he started telling me why he wanted to take me on this particular walk. Yes a part was to show me the place he worked before and the coffee shops he used to go to (we both loved visiting small and unique coffee shops!), but there was a deeper reason for it. He told me, "I was always surrounded by noise everywhere, but then I realized that even in the midst of all this noise and chaos we can still find those small moment of stillness and quiet. It's in those moments that God really speaks to us."

Many times I get caught up in the chaos and noise of my day. Sometimes I struggle to see anything beyond that, but there have been moments where I find this small place of stillness. It's usually in those places that God reminds me that He is there with me.

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