God love Me

I don’t often find a pop culture song that really truly hits my soul. But recently a song came out by Megan Trainer called “Workin’ on it” and it truly touched my heart in a way that I wasn’t expecting. She talks about her struggles of seeing herself the way that her husband does, to see her true value. Years of pain caused by the rejection of others, has torn away at her self-esteem. The reason that this song touched me so much is because I recently have really started to work on these issues in my own life. Dealing with the rejection that I experienced, the pain of my past and the feeling of never being enough. It’s not always easy to look back at your life and to deal with the sore spots. But what I have come to realize is that if I never fix my brokenness, I won’t be able to become the woman that I am striving to be. For many years I carried those feelings of never being enough, which can truly break a person. But now, I know that no one has the power to break me, expect me. I am the one who holds onto the things others say, their actions, and allow it to define me. It’s not an easy process to come to terms with, but every day I say a simple prayer: “Lord, me to see myself through Your eyes.” Confidence and self-worth truly lies in the belief that you are so incredibly loved. But not by the world my dearest sisters. It comes from knowing that there is a God who is so incredibly fascinated by you. He thinks that every single things that you do is interesting. He loves the way you smile, the way you dance and sing, and He loves your heart that craves His love. If you have been broken in the past by the feeling of never being enough, then my sister, it’s time to start working on it. And the best person to work on it with, is Christ Himself. Praying for you all. In Christ, Diana

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