God is Simple

Sometimes...I tend to over-complicate my life. You ladies are probably thinking, "Girl, you are preaching to the choir over here!" It's funny because I'm at a point where I know very well that this is what I am doing, and I also know that it has never worked for me...but I'll do it anyways. I fall into the mentality of "go big or go home" but I never really feel better or peaceful after it. If anything I become more frustrated and confused.

If I am not doing something super intense and complex, well then I must not be doing enough. But God has shaken this up in me a lot recently.

God is simple.

I always loved how St. Mother Theresa would approach difficult and complex situations with very simple solutions.

Us: How do we change the world?

Mother Theresa: Go home and love your family.

That's it! Sometimes even a shorter and simpler time with God or with others can be more powerful than a longer intense time with no depth.

Recently I have decided to simplify my morning prayer to three simple prayers I say:

- Serenity prayer: I always start this off as my morning offering to ask for the graces I need for this new day.

- St. Michael prayer: This guy is my hero! I never start my day without inviting his intercession, especially in times like these when spiritual warfare is at an all-time high!

- Simple prayer: This is a very simple prayer that I got from Crystalina Evert (I wrote a reflection on months ago but I wanted to bring it back up today).

"Lord, help me to remember that there is no obstacle that I will face today that you and I can't handle together."

It's this last prayer, the simple prayer, that I wanted to remind you about. No matter what you face today, it will never be something you can't handle with God.

It's a simple as that.

Start your day with that simple request and be at peace knowing that God will be walking with you today and everyday.

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