God is our Gardener

God calls us all to a pruning process in our lives. Sometimes that pruning process can be really difficult, however it is necessary for you to become the person that He wants you to be.

If you ever watch a gardener work, it is quite beautiful. Often times I watch my mom working hard in her garden, and I see how much work she puts into pulling out the weeds, trimming her bushes and planting flowers. And at the beginning of the spring her garden doesn't look very nice. There is lots of dead leaves, and plants that haven't come to life. But as soon as she goes to work, she creates this amazing masterpiece. However, it takes time and effort.

The same thing is with our lives. God is this beautiful gardener. And we are His beautiful gardens that go through seasons of winter were we have hibernated and are now just reawakening again. God put so much love and effort into you, to allow you to grow. He pours out His grace into your life as He pulls away the weeds of addiction, struggle, and depression. He plants these beautiful flowers of hope, joy and love into your life.

When the gardener is finished, you will bloom into the beautiful summer season. Trust in the process. God is working hard on you right now. He is pruning you to become His most beautiful masterpiece.

Praying for you always.

In Christ, Diana

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