God is my rock

I want to post a thinking challenge for you ladies today! It was given to me by a dear friend of mine over a year ago, and it has brought me so much insight and healing in my relationship with God. If you could only use one word, what is God to you in your life? Probably the first thought that comes to mind...is a blank moment. How can we describe what God is to us with only one word? As you ponder on this question I wanted to share my answer with you. Same as you, I wasn't able to come up with an answer right away. For me I could think of so many words, but could not settle with just one. I said that I wanted to pray on it and go into what I like to call "discovery mode". I wanted to go on this journey, if you will, with God to see what this one word could be. One night as I was praying with this same question, I looked over at my desk where I had my 5 stones that I had been collecting with different words on them. That's when it hit me. ROCK. God to me, in one word is Rock. The more I reflected on it, the more it made perfect sense to me. God is that solid foundation in my life, but more importantly He was my rock in those moments when I was weakest and falling. He was the one that held me together, that kept me on solid ground. Since then, I always am reminded of that one word every time I face difficult situations. God is my rock, and I can lean on Him always and He will never let me fall. So, I bring that question to you once again. In one word, what is God to you? Take this question to prayer and allow yourself the time to reflect on it. May that word be your reminder and guide as we enter into this new year! Walking Together, Sandra

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