God is great

What is greatness? Is it something we have to earn or is it something we have in us already? Many times we associate greatness with something we accomplish, something that is based on our values and skills. However, that would mean that greatness can also be taken away from us. When we are posed with that confrontation we automatically feel at a crossroads. This is because greatness is something that cannot be taken away from us. There is no power strong enough in this world to take away our greatness. Why? How can this make sense? Greatness is something that is a part of our identity, it is inherent to us. We are great...because God is great. Period. If we believe that we need to reach a certain mark or checkpoint in order to be great, well the reality is that there will always be someone better than us. Someone who reached an even higher mark. Does that all of us a sudden mean that we are no longer great? Of course not! And we know that this is the truth, but we have given into the lie in believing that we are not great. The lie that we need to earn this greatness. Our identity is not something we need to earn...it is something we need to believe and embrace. And the only power that is strong enough to stand in the way of that...is our own selves. We are our own limit to believing and living out that greatness that God has placed in our hearts and into our very identity as His daughters. My dear ladies, do you believe that you are great? Honestly and truly. If you found yourself hesitating with that answer, I encourage you to sit with this question in prayer today and ask Our Heavenly Father to show you how He sees you. Because in His eyes...you are great! Walking Together, Sandra

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