God is closer to you than water is to a fish

Last week I had a prayer meeting with some of the awesome people who shared their witness at Yes Catholic and there was one quote that was brought up that has been really sitting on my heart since.

"God is closer to you than water is to a fish." - St. Catherine of Siena

At first when I heard it my reaction was "Wow cool!" I didn't think too much of it after that. I felt the quote was very beautiful but that was where I left it.

I have a fish tank at my place and as I was sitting on the couch I was looking at it and this quote came back to my heart again. I feel in this time many of us have had moments where we feel like God has been taken away from us. It's as if with the closing of churches and the isolation we have been dealing with we have also been isolated from God too.

"...closer to you than water is to a fish". That line kept running over and over again in my head. For that short moment I was just in a "shock and awe" because I couldn't really grasp how close that was.

God has never left us. They can do whatever they want on the outside. Close churches, prevent us from receiving the sacraments, maybe even one day prevent us from practicing our faith altogether...but that will NEVER separate God from us. They can try all they want, but the strength and depth of the closeness we have with God is unimaginable and unbreakable.

There is only one person who has the capability to isolate us from God. Ourselves.

We are the only ones who can actively choose to receive or reject God. External factors can push us towards one direction or the other, but the final choice is always ours.

Will you choose to remain close to God, even when everything around you is trying to push you away from Him?

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