God is always there with you. Always!

When I was a little girl I remember one of my favourite bible stories to watch and read was the story of Joseph. I watched the movie more times than I could count and adored the musical!

Maybe it was because I was so amazed by Joseph's talent to interpret dreams, but something always drew me to that story.

I was listening to it again on my morning podcast and I noticed that Joseph really had quite the series of unlucky events happening at the hands of many broken people. First his brothers envy leads them to selling him into slavery and faking his death to their father, Jacob. Then in Egypt the Potiphar's wife becomes infatuated with Joseph and lied that he had sexual relations with her to get him arrested and put in prison. Even in prison when he helps the Pharaoh's chief cupbearer with interpreting his dream and asks that he mentions him to Pharaoh, the chief cupbearer forgets too and Joseph remains in that prison for two more years.

There was one line that kept coming up in all of these difficult moments:

" But the Lord was with Joseph..." (Genesis 39:2, 21).

Joseph was the victim in every situation he faced, and was also wrongly accused and poorly treated. He could have easily played that card perfectly! But he didn't.

If we read how Joseph acted in every situation he was placed we would believe that he is very put together and strong, maybe victorious even, with how he handled every situation. He never sat and wallowed in his sorrow, he never desired pity.

Why? How? Because even if he didn't feel like God was there, the Lord was still with Him and he knew it.

This isn't a subjective fact or truth that God is there for some of us but not all, or that only when I can feel God's presence in my life then He's there but not other times. It is an OBJECTIVE FACT AND TRUTH that God is always there with you. Always!

May this be a message of hope for you as you begin this new week. Our beloved Father in Heaven is always with you.

Walking Together,

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