God is always calling us to participate in His work

Growing up I've heard this quote, and many variations, over and over again.

"For every door that closes you will find an open window."

I'll admit, many times it gave me hope to keep persevering in what I was going after and not give up. Although, for some reason I was thinking about it this week. I feel like I am in this moment of a door being closed. It's hard to pinpoint exactly what but I feel it is more of a feeling of confusion as to which open door or window to look for.

When I thought about that quote I got this feeling of exhaustion. This never ending search for the next open door. It's like a pressure of always having to find it.

What if I am supposed to rest here for a while? What if I am not meant to search for an open door but rather wait for the door to open?

If you're anything like me, you would rather go and search for the door instead of wait for it to be opened. I always felt waiting was very passive and quite honestly...a waste of time.

But what if I had a misunderstanding about what it really means to wait?

Anytime God calls us to wait and be patient in the moment, He doesn't mean to sit on our butts and do nothing. God is always calling us to participate in His work in our lives in some way. Sometimes that way means to focus on the moment right now more than the next door.

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