A few months ago I woke up around 4:00 am and randomly thought of one of my dear friends. I said a short prayer for her and fell right back asleep. Later that day I sent her a message to check in on her and told her what happened earlier that night. Her response completely took me by surprise. She said she woke up at that same time and wasn't feeling well and struggled to sleep. God always has these incredible ways to use our help for others. It's safe to say that all of us had those moments when out of the blue someone comes into our mind. Sometimes it might be someone we saw that day or talked too, or sometimes it might be someone so random that we would've never thought of. I stopped believing in coincidences and started to call them "God-incidences." People can come to mind for the very reason...that maybe in that moment they need a prayer and God entrusted that to us. Next time you are walking back home or wake up randomly thinking about someone...take a minute and offer a quick prayer for them.

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