God has placed the same desires in our hearts

After many months of quarantine, I was finally able to meet up with two of my dearest friends and spend some time with them. There were so many wonderful moments spent talking about life, the world and God. In so many ways it was like nothing had changed and nothing will ever change between us. But there were also times that I felt I couldn't relate.

My two dearest friends are married, and going through very different stages in their lives, with different struggles that I am not facing. It was really hard for me as a single woman to listen to them, to have compassion for their struggles but also not a total understanding of it. Even though God has placed the same desires in our hearts for each one of us, the current period of our lives shadow our experiences differently.

When I left my dear friends, I was hit by an overwhelming sadness that I couldn't relate to my friends. But as I reflected more on this, I thanked God for the fact that even though I couldn't completely relate, I could still be that person to listen and be a shoulder to lean on.

As we get older, we know that there are going to be periods in our lives that are going to be harder, and that sometimes we might find it hard to even relate with those around us. But that is okay, because God still moves in those moments as well. He guides those friendships that are centred on Him, and allows them to bloom.

Married ladies, reach out to your single friends because you know the struggles that they are facing. They might feel lonely in this period of their lives. Single ladies, reach out to your married friends because they have so much wisdom to share and might also need that listening ear to support them.

We need each other, and we need holy friendships that move through different periods of life. Don't let yourself feel trapped in the thought that just because someone is in another place in their life, you can't be friends anymore or that you have nothing in common. When friendships are centred on God, there is so much to journey through together. Trust God to bless these friendships and allow them to be holy.

Praying for you all.

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