God can transform my heart

So about those goals... I’ve learned that being gentle with myself goes a long way, especially when it comes to setting them. I’ve had many admirable aspirations and astounding plans to better myself as a human being and strengthen my relationship with Christ. When I am inspired, I feel untouchable and immediately decide that my life will change 180 degrees by tomorrow. My big plans were never lasting. For one, I was depending solely on my own determination. Secondly, if I haven’t exercised in months, what makes me think that I’ll suddently do pilates every single day? I have found that the all-or-nothing mentality has not worked for me. It is the middle ground that has had a lasting impact. It is there that I have been able to experience how severely limited my strength is and how much I desperately need Christ. It is there that I have been humbled to my core seeing that I am always a step away from falling into temptation. It's not the end goal that changes me. The potential to transform rests in my journey towards it. When life pushes me outside of my comfort zone, that it where I can develop virtues to overcome my vices. Not on my own, it’s never on my own. With Christ, and with a supportive community where I can be vulnerable and held accountable, I thrive. Although what I now chose to do may seem small, God can use it to transform my heart, if I am open to it. If you want more, check out the following blog post on setting goals as a Christian. The author talks about how not doing anything, waiting for God to do everything, as well as trying to do everything are things to be weary of when it comes to goal setting. The author, Shana Schutte, shares that our goals could be broken down based on the aspect of our life (spiritual, family, social, physical and work). She says that “If [we] fail to give each part the proper attention and care as [we] reach toward [our] God-given [purposes], [we’ll] experience problems.” Check it out: https://www.focusonthefamily.com/faith/setting-goals-to-fulfill-your-god-given-purpose/ What are your goals for this year? Do you know of any helpful resources?

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