God answers prayers

If you're rolling your eyes at this quote, I get it. So, I'd like to tell you about the author of the quote to give this a chance of also, one day, being true for us. Lysa Terkeurst is a woman who does not stop. She is the founder of Proverbs13 Ministries, author of multiple books, a speaker, and a mother of five. Starting in 2016 and in just a matter of two years, she discovered that her husband, Art, was having an affair, she had severe complications with her colon, was then diagnosed with breast cancer, and eventually had to leave Art.

During the year of discovery, three of her kids got married. She didn't want this to negatively impact their weddings, so she kept it to herself. She had to find a way to put this soul-tearing pain aside and be present for their weddings. This was the same year that her book "Uninvited" was going to be released, a book about healing from rejection. Meaning, that she would have to go to book events and talk about it while trying to navigate this new, excruciating form of rejection. Severe colon problems would soon follow and, in case that wasn't enough, she was later diagnosed with breast cancer.

Although Art made attempts to reconcile with Lysa, he eventually decided that he was unwilling to let go of his affair partner. Lysa told him that she loves him but that she won't share him. During this time, all of her kids moved out of the house for various (unrelated) reasons. She went from a super busy home, full of hope to a completely empty nest, internally shattered, not to pieces, but to dust. She cried, took a sabbatical, questioned God, felt extreme pain, let herself let loose with comfort food some nights… but kept. On. Going.

Despite all of this pain and suffering, Lysa believes that God's timing is the best timing?! This just blows. My. Mind.

She is now a cancer survivor and has renewed her wedding vows with Art. Take some time to listen to her interviews as she vulnerably and very honestly shares on both her pain and her relief; her despair and her path to hope. She also shares some very practical things that she did along the way to help herself, including visiting friends and getting therapeutic support.

Although my story is different from hers, I know betrayal and the feeling of rejection. It's a killer. I also know that, seeing other women find a firm ground to stand on in the midst of it all, gives me hope and so I am always on the hunt for stories like these and women like her.

Lysa knows pain but she also knows hope and strength so, just as she suggests, I've leaned on her faith when mine was too weak. I found her very raw, relatable, reviving and I hope you do, too. Most of all, I hope that whether it's her story, or someone else's story, that you are brought closer to your Creator.

*RESOURCES BELOW support group for betrayed partners, Lysa on facing a cancer diagnosis (blog post), and interviews with her*

Support for women who have/are experiencing infidelity in their relationship: https://bloomforwomen.com/

Lysa Terkerust on Facing Cancer (the unknown): https://www.crosswalk.com/.../lysa-terkeurst-on-surviving...

Interview 1: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pztYgsZgub4

Interview 2: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nCPnvcOF69w&t=31s

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