Go Without Fear

My dearest sisters,

Imagine a painting of the good Sheppard, but from His perspective, where He sees His sheep are going in many directions. But what is unique is that they continuously keep looking backwards to see where He is.

That is the life of a Christian. We are free to go in any direction that we may choose. But we continuously keep looking back at Christ to see if where we are going is right. And He calls us back to Him if we are going to far or if we are venturing off the path that He knows is best for us.

What is beautiful is that God is like this Sheppard. He is so gentle with us, and He in His love wants the very best for us. But we have the freedom to choose to look back and see if we are going the right way.

Do not be afraid to go out into the world, Christ will never leave you alone. All you need to do is look back and see if you haven't ventured to far or off the path.

In Christ, Diana

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