Go Forth!

"The Church is not empty, the Church has been deployed."

I keep seeing that post all over my news feed recently. I guess it's safe to say my reaction to all of the closures and missing of the Sacraments as we enter into Holy Week has been one of sadness and grief. I know in my heart that Easter will be very different for us this year, I know in my head that this is the reality of our world today right now, but I struggle to accept it in my heart still.

I feel that emptiness. Looking at posts from priests how they are doing everything they can to remember their parishioners, people driving into the church parking lot to pray with this desire to want to be as physically close to Christ as they can be, it really emphasizes that emptiness we are all feeling in this time.

But this is also why I feel the Holy Spirit has been constantly sending me this reminder through this quote. Anytime we receive the Sacraments, we receive God's graces, we have an encounter with Christ, is comes with a calling to go forth and share it. This happens at the end of every mass after the final blessing when the priest says, "Go forth, the mass has ended."


We are not called to keep these graces for ourselves like the servant who buried his talent in the ground (Matthew 25:24-25). We are called to go and share these graces so everyone around us can feel and know God's love through us. In a way, you can say that we are deployed every Sunday after mass to go into our homes, our work, our communities, and share the graces we were able to receive.

I really love this analogy of being deployed as God's army. Because right now we can all agree that we are definitely feeling the intensity of being in the battlefield. But remember the graces that you were given. Remember back to your last Eucharist your received...that grace does not have a time limit or expiration date. It is still there! And each time you receive Spiritual Communion you fill your reservoir even more!

My dear ladies, don't let the emptiness cloud your sight of what our mission is during this time. May this time serve as physical reminder that we are to go forth and share those graces that we have received.

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