Go Back and Relearn

We all know the saying "you need to learn how to crawl before you can learn how to walk." As I have been transitioning into my new role as a wife, I feel that saying needs to take one more step back.

We need to learn how to roll over first. Why roll over? Think about a new born baby. When they roll over for the first time it is a HUGE milestone. They can't learn how to crawl until they first learn how to roll over.

It seems like something so simple. Just roll from your back to your front. But as many of you who are moms know...it takes some time and struggle before that happens.

When I thought about the concept of rolling over, the first thing that came into my mind was my hands and face in the ground.

This morning I woke up overwhelmed with emotions of this very instant change in my life. I love my new life as a wife, and I am so excited to embark on this new journey with my husband. But the transition into this completely new role also takes time, and is filled with emotions along the way.

Being the personality type that I am, I want to get right into things right away. I am the type that I want to start running, jumping and flying but I haven't even grasped the concept of crawling yet.

That is where this idea of "I need to roll over first" came to me. I need to get grounded, on this new ground that I will now be standing on. I need to get my hands and feet standing solid.

How did that start for me? With God. God lead me to this vocation that I am now in...and He will lead me every step of the way through it. But I need to let Him lead me through every milestone once again...starting from the beginning.

To my dear ladies who are embarking on some kind of new journey or change in their lives and are struggling with that transition...go back to reaching that first milestone. Allow yourself to become like that new born baby again and first roll over.

Before you know it you will be crawling, then walking, then running and finally...flying!

Walking Together, Sandra

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