Giving it to God

This weekend I was watching the Dynamic Women of Faith Conference and it was such a beautiful day just to sit and hear these amazing speakers! Throughout this week I wanted to share a few insights from that day.

Kimberly Hahn was one of the keynote speakers, and needless to say I was totally catholic fan-girling the whole time she was speaking! I was so drawn to her and her husbands conversion story in their book "Rome Sweet Home" (one I HIGHLY recommend if you want an easy flowing, enjoyable read), so listening to her live was amazing!

There was one point she made that really struck me. She said, "cast your anxieties on the Lord, but don't reel them back in."

I love going fishing, but I will admit I'm not the most patient person. It is quite common for me to cast my line, and then almost instantly reel it back in, feeling all the more frustrated that I can't catch anything. My brother-in-law would always come up to me and show me a nice calm spot to cast my line, and to wait. Be patient.

I guess you can figure out what happened when I finally did that...I caught a fish!

Why am I using this fishing analogy? Because I feel that is what Kimberly was trying to remind us by saying not to reel in our anxieties. 1 Peter 5:7 tells us to "Cast all [our] anxiety on Him, because He cares for [us]" but God never told us to reel that anxiety back in. Many times we will cast it out and in an act of wanting that control, we reel it back in. But we are not reeling in a good fish...we are reeling in the same worm.

God doesn't want us to reel in the same worm over and over again, He wants us to reel in a fish! One that can feed and nourish us.

I don't know what anxiety you hold in your hearts, dear ladies, but I know we all have at least one that we constantly reel back in. Sit with that passage today from 1 Peter 5:7 and cast your line. Cast that anxiety on our Father...and then wait. Wait for that fish so that you reel in the good fruit, and not the same anxious worm.

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