Give Mary Everything

What is keeping you from spending time with Mary?

That was a question that I never really thought of before. I would pray the rosary every so often, a few novenas, definitely pray through Mary’s intercession when I needed something most but that was where it ended.

I decided to do the consecration to the Immaculate Heart of Mary in July of 2016, and I will be honest, as I was going through the 33 Days to Morning Glory self-preparation retreat I was a bit skeptical and hesitant. I would read these reflections about literally giving Mary my all, even to the point of my own prayer and merits and intentions, and I was pretty confused and afraid.

My initial thought was “so I have no say anymore in who I want to pray for or what I do?” After I said my consecration prayer, this question still sat in my heart but the answer slowly became more clear to me.

I’d like to say that my life became a lot easier after my consecration...but it was quite the opposite. I ended up feeling soo spiritually attacked!!! Like the devil just put this target on my back now, and so many times I was so pushed down that I didn’t even have the strength to think about how to pray or what to pray for.

My prayer in that moment was “Mary...I gave you everything, you know what I need, please intercede to your Son for me. Ask from Him the graces I need right now.”

I realized then what it meant to give Mary everything. It wasn’t giving up the ability to pray for others, I still could offer her my specific intentions. But what it meant was taking off the pressure that I need to know who needs prayers the most now and what graces I need right now. Mary, as mother who knows what her baby needs, also knows what we as her children need when we cry to her.

Did that make my life instantly become free of problems? Again...no. But what it did, was give me the strength and graces I needed to persevere in the moment and the peace that I don’t need to know everything because my Blessed Mother knows exactly what I need most right now.

I challenge you with that same question today...what is keeping you from spending time with Mary? What is holding you back from having a relationship with our Blessed Mother?

Walking Together, Sandra

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