Girl, lift yourself up and surround yourself with people that do the same

Quotes like this one, about beauty, are so healing to my heart. For years, I did not believe that I could ever accept myself as I am. I thought that there was no other truth than the one I was getting from society. When I started reading quotes like this, I was just mindblown (and continue to be). Encouraging and loving words like these show me that I don't have to reject who I am, and fight tooth and nail to become someone else.

The fact that I have a choice, that there are other ways of thinking is empowering to me. Rather than reject myself, I can choose to reject the garbage that I was eating, and accept the banquet that is prepared for me. I can choose to accept that my differences are a gift, a specialty that God created in me. Put simply, they are things that makes me, me.

So, the next time you start tearing yourself down, repeat this very quote to yourself: Beauty is owning my uniqueness. Repeat until you are living it.

How would you feel if you believed that your uniqueness is a good thing? What if you believed that it was a BEAUTIFUL thing?

GIRL, lift yourself up and surround yourself with people that do the same. You deserve it.

With so much love,

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