Gather Your Prayer Warriors

Who are your prayer warriors? Do you even have prayer warriors? Do you have even that one person you can message at any time as say "I'm struggling, can you pray for me?"

My dear ladies, I want to offer a suggestion that I have done with many friends and it has completely changed the way we fight our battles.

With each friend I decided on a specific word or in my case we decided on an emoji. Anytime they send me that emoji or I send it to them that means "I am struggling, I need a prayer right now."

There are not always moments when we can visit someone or talk to them right when they need us, but what we can offer them is a prayer.

The minute I receive that emoji on my phone, I stop what I am doing, take a moment and offer a silent prayer. It doesn't need to be big or long. Sometimes it's a Hail Mary and other times it might just be a short "Come Holy Spirit."

I want you to choose one friend today. Reach out to them and make this same kind of arrangement. Decide on a word or an emoji that you both will send to each other when you hit a low and you need that prayer.

Make a PROMISE that the minute you see that message, you will stop and offer a prayer. Take that responsibility!

We are stronger together.

Walking Together, Sandra

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