Gardeners of Our Souls

We are called to be the gardeners of our souls.

A good gardener takes good care of his or her plants, watering them and making sure that they get enough nourishment and sun. The moment a weed appears which would threaten the fruit of the work done, the gardener plucks the weeds and makes sure to rid them of their entirety.

Why is it not the same for us? What stops us from tending to our gardens?

So often human pride becomes our greatest downfall and what blocks us from growing more in holiness. So often we put our own needs and desires before what Christ calls us to.

As Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI once said, "the world will promise you comfort, but you were not made for comfort; you were made for greatness." I am a strong believer in discipline and hard work to achieve this greatness the Lord calls us all to.

It's easy to settle for what's comfortable and easy. But why would we settle for the scraps and the weeds when we have the opportunity to experience true beauty? The only thing required of us is work. We only get out what we put into this garden of ours.

Years ago, I used to settle for mediocrity never really caring for my soul. I ended up in a place where I felt empty and without hope. One could say I was 'filled with weeds' that had spread throughout the years. It took years of hard work and that work continues each day in the garden of my soul.

It began with regular confession. First, once a month. Then, once every two weeks. And now I go every week. It's not because I am constantly in mortal sin; it's because I want to tend to the 'small weeds' that sprout in the day-to-day imperfections of my thoughts, words, and actions. This has helped me see what 'weed' is a big problem in my life and has encouraged me to really find a way to target and rid myself of it completely.

This type of ground work is challenging but important for us all, but only the beginning. We are capable of so much more. Attending the Holy Mass more often, praying the rosary, reading about the lives of saints and spiritual books, and truly living our Catholic faith, being a witness in this world are all ways in which we can tend to the gardens of our souls. Being vigilant gardeners and weeding out sin will ultimately help us grow closer in virtue and humility, drawing nearer to our Lord each day.

If you haven't been to confession in a while, consider this your invitation to go and reconcile with our Lord this Sunday. It's a great place to start in becoming the 'gardener' Christ has called you to be.


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