Have you ever felt your mood ruined because of something someone did? I think it's safe to say that I am not the only one to admit that.

I was recently in a family conversation where someone was expressing their frustration because certain items in the kitchen were not placed where they should be, or where they would want them to be.

My dad actually brought up a very wise point in that moment. "Yes these frustrations can be real in what we feel inside, but if we take a moment to think what if tomorrow I don't get another day and I just spent my last day with this person angry at them over a bowl?"

Changes the reality of the situation a bit doesn't it?

My dear ladies, we will get frustrated with people and sometimes it may be over the smallest thing, but if we let that frustration dwell in us then we are giving it power. We are allowing it to take away precious time. And it's not the that the frustration is just too powerful for us...we ALLOW it to have that power.

Go through this day with that thought. Are you going to let the material world take away the precious gift of time that you have with people? Are you going to give these frustrations and worries power to ruin your whole day?

The time you have with people is precious...cherish it and be grateful for every moment.

Walking Together, Sandra

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