Fruit of the Holy Spirit

Where do you find joy? What is that place where you feel completely at peace? Can you remember a moment when you felt that? There are moments when we can become overwhelmed by those feelings of despair and hopelessness, and man are those feelings every LOUD AND STRONG. They have this power to cloud or minds and place this shadow over our hearts. It is hard to see anything beyond that, but that does not mean that light does not exist anymore behind the clouds. I wanted to bring to your attention the idea of finding your joy because joy is something that is way beyond happiness. It is a fruit of the Holy Spirit, and more than just a feeling. The way I understand it in my own life, it is a state of being and it is also something that cannot be taken away from us. Joy is ours to keep, to enjoy, to live. There is no power strong enough to take it away. Yes it can be clouded where we feel like we no longer see it, but it never disappears. That joy is always there if we run back to it and search for it. The more we do, the more it becomes a habit for us. Eventually, it won't feel as hard and overwhelming to find that joy in our lives in times of darkness and chaos because we will know where to find it! So today, my dear ladies, where will you find your joy? Walking Together, Sandra

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