Freedom to Rest

Every fitness guru out there will tell you that it is necessary for you to take a "rest" day, were you don't work out so that your muscles have a chance to rebuild. If we believe this about our physical bodies, then why is it so hard for us to believe this about our mind and soul? How often do we feel like we overload ourselves, pile the stress on, and never give ourselves a chance to just breath or relax? I was reflecting on this thought about why it is so hard for me to be able to relax without feeling guilty like I am being lazy and unproductive. I think as women we put a lot of stress on ourselves that we have to accomplish everything, and if we don't we feel like failures. There is no freedom in that lie, that allows us to believe that we can sit down and rest. I was talking to a friend of mine, and the thought came to me that God, Himself, has commanded a day for us to rest. Sundays are not meant as a day for us to catch up on our errands, meal prep for the week, or to do all the laundry that has piled up. It's okay sisters to use this day as your day to relax, spend time with family and friends. And it's okay if today is the day that you curl up with a good book and a cup of tea. Everything will still be there tomorrow. Whatever you do, give yourself to freedom to rest. It is just as important as preparing for the upcoming week. Have a wonderful Sunday. Praying for you. In Christ, Diana

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