To Be Free

“Being Catholic means that I get to become fully myself. No matter where I am, who I am, our faith meets every individual where they are at. It gives us eternal significance for our lives. My faith also tells me that I am truly loved, where I am at, someone who isn’t perfect.

Right now I am working with the Regeneration Ministry, as a missionary teaching elementary and high school students about the Theology of the Body. I was always interested in missionary work. Whenever I went on mission trips, I would have so much time to grow in my own spiritual life.

I have always been inspired by the teachings of Pope John Paul II and the Theology of the Body. What I love about it, is the fact that it says the body is good. Growing up, we were not taught that the body is good. We weren’t taught about the goodness of the word and what we were created for. God cares about every aspect of our lives, and one day, we will die and God cares so much about our salvation. I want to be able to teach that to the next generation, that they may know that their bodies are good. To be able to teach them an authentic love, that they may truly know what love is.

Blessed Pierre Georgio Farsati was the first saint that I read about. He was very much a part of the world, but he related everything back to God. All that he did in the world pointed to God.

I want everyone to not be afraid, to be free. There is so much freedom in our faith, all of your dreams and desires no matter how small are good. God wants to give us the desires of our heart but not always in the way that we think. But the way that He has is better.”

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