Freedom in Catholicism

“When I ran out of that church, I ran into a friend and I said, ‘I am going to become Catholic.’ My parents were extremely happy because they kept saying to me, “Corinne, it is almost Easter time, you have to make a decision.” But I couldn’t make that choice, because I hadn’t had that encounter with Christ yet.

The Easter season was so incredibly beautiful. I was so nervous, and a little unsure of how I should prepare for it. But I remember I picked the outfit that I was going to wear that day, and I remember how excited I was. So excited that I was going to become part of the Catholic Church. When the Easter Vigil started, I knew we were entering into something so incredibly beautiful, into the Resurrection of the Lord.

The first time I received the Eucharist is indescribable, I was just so excited to receive the Lord. My heart was filled with this exuberant joy. In my faith journey, the Holy Spirit has always moved me in my life by giving me limitless joy, and that was very present that day.

Being Catholic has its difficulties. We have to acknowledge that there is a greater reality, one that we have to conform to. We have to be able to humble ourselves completely before the Lord. And I know that when I go against God—who is Reality itself—I will lose because He is so great.

But now my faith is so much more full and rich within the Catholic Church. There is so much more freedom in Catholicism. There is room for everyone. You have people who are charismatics or traditional, and all of them are good and one. While in the Protestant faith, you have factions. You have to fit in with the theology of whatever church you go to.

Tradition within the Catholic Church is so important because with Enlightenment philosophy was born the belief that each person is the measure of their own tradition, but within Catholicism, we can’t pick and choose what we want, we have to accept all of it. And in return, we believe that God accepts us fully too. He doesn’t say “I like this part this part and this part but not that part;” He accepts us all fully.

Our job in life is to figure out how to glorify Him. We have to see how we are unique and how we reflect His image in a way that no one else does.”

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