For Me and not to Me

For me, taking a breath means being in the moment. It means that I am noticing the world around me. Sometimes, I am observing different aspects of what I am seeing as a way of grounding myself and sometimes simply out of curiosity. At other times, taking a breath means trying a new game with a child at work instead of narrowly focusing on the to-do list. For me, taking a breath is being part of my world rather than having life pass me by. It’s allowing myself to BE in those moments – fully experiencing what I am being given. Because “life happens FOR me and not TO me”. When I am in a rush to just “get through things” I have found it impossible to experience much, other than stress. In those times, I am merely surviving and it leaves me feeling unfulfilled. On the other hand, being present has helped me to find things to be grateful for. I have noticed that opportunities for gratitude are actually always there, yet I sometimes don’t take them. Being grateful has gradually allowed me to take myself less seriously and genuinely enjoy my time. They say that the world is your oyster; they say that life is beautiful. Let’s choose to EXPERIENCE life and not just “get by”, so that we can personally uncover the beauty that God has planted all around us. Lord, give us the grace we need to experience life fully – the pleasant, the unpleasant and everything in between. God, you are so good. Thank you for all that You have given us and continue to give us.

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